Finally pedophiles get representation in the Senate with Roy Moore’s likely election.

They say in Alabama it is better to elect a pedophile than a Democrat.  I know it’s tough for people to understand Christian values (as Moore has stated) but I finally get it.  Sure he is a sexual predator of children but he is also a racist (calling native Americans and Asians “reds and yellows”) and he describes himself the as “states biggest bigot”.  He wants consensual acts between consenting adults of the same gender criminalized and prosecuted.  He doesn’t believe that women and Muslims should hold public office.  He is wildly popular with Alabama voters winning a primary against an establishment Republican.  The voters will find a way to see through his minor indiscretions of child rape and get that conservative vote in the Senate.  After all, if we vote in a Democrat we may not be able to gut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, public schools, get war with Iran, and give more subsidies to billionaires and corporations.

History can be made in Alabama.  God bless you Roy Moore, for representing conservative Christian values.


Welcome to The Dark Side of Life

Welcome to our blog and or our podcast.  This site will feature articles discussed on our podcast and rants that should both make you think and offend you.

Have you ever worked for someone and thought, “Who did you blow to get this job?” or “Why is someone’s retarded cousin, my supervisor?”  We live in a world where people fail upwards.  Trump is President.  The world is fucked up, we all know this.  The sane thing to do is get a little crazy and let the steam out so the lid doesn’t pop.

Come with us and explore the dark side of life.